The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 is now available online


The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 is now available online

Episode 19 was directed by Tom Cavanagh and written by Carina Adly Mackenzie

Genre: Sci fi
First episode was released  in April 25, 2017

Here is the story line of episode 19: 

Title: The Once and Future Flash", Caitlin crushes the neckband and getaways. Barry goes to 2024, when he discovers that Cisco lost his forces after Caitlin, who aligned with Savitar, smashed Cisco's hands; H.R. turned into an effective writer>>>>>> Julian works at Iron Heights watching out for Caitlin; Wally is mental with a smashed spine>>>>>>  Joe is discouraged and severe>>>> future Barry is a hermit stowing away in S.T.A.R. Labs; and in his nonappearance, Scudder and Dillon have assumed control Central City. Barry neglects to take in Savitar's personality. Cisco covertly utilizes a gadget to keep Barry from coming back to the past, trusting he will put things right. Barry gathers together Julian, Joe and H.R. furthermore, reunites Team Flash. Scudder and Dillon overpower Barry with their forces, however in the wake of catching him, future Barry uses Cisco's gadget to invalidate the scalawags' capacities, helping Barry catch them. Future Barry gives Barry data about a Speed Force trap and instructs him to discover a physicist named Tracy Brand, who built up the trap four years after Iris' passing>>>>>>>  In the present, Killer Frost meets with Savitar, who offers her the opportunity to wipe out Caitlin until the end of time. --->>>>> She is hesitant which makes Savitar uncover his character to her, quickly altering her opinion. 


Review: by: Ananymous Player

It's snowing in Central City, and Barry is attempting to make sense of how far into the future to travel. Appears to be 2024 will do it. Iris needs him to guarantee that he will ensure Joe and Wally West are okay on the off chance that she winds up biting the dust. Inauspicious however reasonable. 

A caution from S.T.A.R. Labs comes through, and goodness better believe it, Killer Frost is free. Vibe spares Julian Albert from a cold kiss, however Flash may be expected to genuinely turn the tables. It's fortunate he's here. Executioner Frost gets herself an opportunity to escape and vanishes. 

Cisco reprimands Julian for unleashing Caitlin's forces, constraining Barry to play peacemaker. For reasons unknown, Barry chooses it will be savvy to take his trek to the future right at this point. What's more, he'll need assistance from Kid Flash to do it. It works, as Wally actually pushes Barry to 2024. 

Simply Barry's fortunes to flee. Top and Mirror Master, I assume? It would appear that they've been running Central City in Flash's nonappearance, and all Barry can do is fled moderately unscathed. 

At any rate Future Cisco is cheerful to see Barry. He appears somewhat off, however he accurately surmises the mission is about Savitar. 

S.T.A.R. Labs is essentially closed down, as is Team Flash by Barry's doing. Furthermore, Future Barry is a loner, which appears fun. No, the opposite. At any rate enlist a support fellow or something. 

At the point when Future Barry arrives, he clearly needs a stylist. In any case, he guarantees he can't state savitar's identity since he doesn't have even an inkling. To Present Barry's daunt, all he says is to return and invest however much energy with Iris as could reasonably be expected. 

Future Cisco requests that Barry stay and assist, however he says he needs to go home. One issue: he can't backpedal, as the entrance won't open. 

Since he can simply come back to the correct minute he exited, possibly Barry can stick around for a bit. Cisco uncovers that he lost his hands in a fight with Killer Frost, yet shouldn't something be said about every other person? Julian doesn't appear to be super excited to see him, nor does Killer Frost, who Julian has bolted up. She's a genuine beam of daylight, provoking him about Savitar and how she helped him. Actually, she won't surrender his character either, proposing he visit Wally. 

Things are by one means or another far more detestable for Wally, if that is conceivable. He's in a wheelchair and potentially mental also. He attempted to go up against Savitar alone and paid a remarkable cost. 

 Joe blames Barry for fleeing when he required him, which means he more likely than not reneged on his guarantee to Iris. 

After that bummer of a trek, Barry discovers Future Barry in the time vault and has a contention with himself. Future Barry demands Iris will kick the bucket and that he will be broken accordingly. Evidently, Barry turns out to be so fixated on retaliation that he'll overlook everything and every other person.


Review 2: by : Salamangkero

Chilly vanishes and Barry chooses this correct minute is the ideal time to flee into the future and exacerbate everything for everybody. Common Barry. 

It couldn't be any more obvious, Barry's as yet stuck on the way that a goliath robot may execute Iris, so he's looking at the "Streak Disappears" daily paper article we initially found in the show's pilot. This gives him the thought to rushed to 2024 and request that himself how beat Savitar or perhaps simply get a mystery character to work with. It's not his most exceedingly awful arrangement, since it's not so awful as backpedaling and destroying the past. After Wally tosses Barry into the future, we leave the present Team Flash to simply chill while Barry goes on an excursion. 

Barry touches base in 2024 and is promptly occupied with road fighting by Top and Mirror Master. No one in this scene appears to have matured that much in eight years, so don't go searching for that. Barry manages to locate a super-skittish weirdo Future Cisco, who has lost his Vibe control when Killer Frost smashed his hands <>>>>>>>>>> a super damn dim minute for this show, however unquestionably not the last dismal turn this scene. 

Future Barry lives in the storm cellar of S.T.A.R. Labs and taking a gander at pictures of Iris. After eight years this is still all he is doing. He likewise never found Savitar's character, >>>>>>> and it turns out catching him in the speed constrain requires innovation that won't be created until four years after Iris gets killed. 

Understanding that what's to come is a failure, Barry tries to get back home yet can't. He sticks around, attempting to assemble the group back so they can bring down Top and Mirror Master. While these two have adapted some slick Doctor Strange world winding traps, the question remains: What are we doing here? Does Barry truly not see how time travel functions? Still? When he transforms anything before, this all gets fixed, so we're truly sitting around idly. 

Future Barry winds up giving Real Dumb Barry a future blaze drive with data on catching Savitar in the speed compel. Why he can't simply print this data off on usable paper nobody knows. Barry makes a beeline for Current Time Earth One and has quite recently enough pitiful future information to realize that he needs a cool night out on the town with Iris. 

This is fine. It was a decent scene, regardless of the possibility that it was silly beside getting the vital Death Star arranges. 

At that point we get the bother that Savitar is as of now collaborating with Killer Frost,>>>>>> lastly demonstrates her his actual frame. He's a buddy in a robot suit and somebody she definitely knows and trusts. Who could this be? Ronnie, her previous spouse, maybe, who Killer Frost collaborated with on Earth Two. Or, on the other hand maybe H.R. since the scoundrel is dependably Tom Cavanagh. Or, on the other hand, satisfy actually no, not a twofold of Barry.

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