Watch This Is Us TV Series all seasons and episodes


Genre: Tv Series

First episode was released on September 2016

The writers of " THis is US" : 

Dan Fogelman, Kay Oyegun, Donal Todd and Aurin Squire

Below are the casts:
 Milo Ventimiglia  as Jack
Mandy Moore as Rebecca
Chrissy Metz as Kate
Justin Hartley as Kevin

The storyline: Jack and his better half - who is exceptionally pregnant with triplets - have quite recently moved into their new home in Pittsburgh. Effective and good looking TV on-screen character Kevin is becoming progressively exhausted with his single man way of life. Randall - who was surrendered at a fire station by his dad as a baby - is a sharp New York-based agent attempting to bring up two girls with his significant other, Beth. These individuals are among a gathering, a few of whom share a birthday, of apparently arbitrary people whose lives interlace in surprising ways.


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