Watch Legion Tv Series all seasons and episodes


Genre: TV Series

First episode was released on February 8,2017

Below are the casts: 
Dan Stevens as Legion
Aubrey Plaza as Lenny BUsker
Rachel Keller as Syney Barrett
Jean Smart as Melanie Bird

The Storyline: David Haller is a harried young fellow who was determined to have schizophrenia as a tyke. He has been in and out of psychiatric healing centers for quite a long time and, now in his mid 30s, gets himself standardized once more. His every day routine - including treatment, taking drugs and quietly tuning in to loquacious companion Lenny - is overturned when vexed new patient Syd arrives, and they are mysteriously attracted to each other. After a startling experience between the two, David defies the likelihood that the voices he hears and dreams he sees might be genuine. He escapes from the doctor's facility and looks for asylum with sister Amy, who needs to secure the photo consummate rural life she has set up for herself. Syd in the end gets David required with advisor Melanie Bird and her group of experts, who open his eyes to another universe of potential outcomes.


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