Watch 13 Reasons Why Tv Series all seasons and episodes


Genre: TV Series

First episode was released on Marh 31, 2017

Below are the casts: 
Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen
Katherin Langford as Hannah
Kate Walsh as Mrs.Baker
Miles Heizer as Alex

The Storyline: Newcomer Katherine Langford assumes the part of Hannah, a young lady who takes her own particular life. Two weeks after her lamentable passing, a schoolmate named Clay finds a secretive box on his patio. Inside the container are recordings made by Hannah - on whom Clay had a smash - in which she clarifies the 13 reasons why she conferred suicide. In the event that Clay chooses to tune in to the recordings, he will see whether and how he made the rundown. This perplexing and awful story is told through Clay and Hannah's double accounts.


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