Watch Solutrean movie online for free 2017


Genre: Action, Drama, thriller
Date of Releaes of the movie: September 15, 2017

Below are the casts of the movie:

Kodi Smit- Mcphee
Leonor Varela as Shaman
Natassia Malthe as Rho

Priya Rajaratnam as huntress

The director of the movie: Albert Hughes
Synopsis: An epic survival and story about growing up set 20,000 years prior amid the last  Ice Age. After a chasing campaign goes amiss, a young fellow (Kodi Smit-Mcphee) battles against  the elements to discover his direction home A timeless, transcendental story for the ages, this film captures the epic narrative of man’s first relationship with “the dog”, and how the beloved companion
 became part of the human tribe. 

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