Watch Pray for Rain movie online for free 2017


Gnre: Drama

Release Date: Friday September 1, 2017

Below are the cast of the movie

Jane Symous as Olivia Gardener
Annabelle Stephenson as Emma Gardner 
Nicholas Gonzales as Nico Reynoso
James Morrison as Patrick Waring
Paul Rodriguez as Farncisco Reynosos
The director of the movie : Alex Ranarivelo

Synopsis: At the point when Emma Gardner, a whip keen NYC journalist learns of her dad's  death,------->>>>>>>   she comes back to the place where she grew up to find that the unspoiled  cultivating group of her youth has been attacked by dry spell and has turned into a place tormented by  posses and the evil impacts of outrageous ----->>> neediness.  She quickly figures out that her dad's  accidental death was not accidental at all. The lists of possible suspects include overly zealous environmentalists, a local war lord and other farmers jealous of her father's outstanding reputation.

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